Roman Trias

Major Account Commercial Manager Southern Europe

Roman is the Major Accounts Commercial Manager for Southern Europe Industrial Gases of the Air Products Group since October 2014 when the company underwent a restructuring of the Global business and introduced an integrated sub region based organization. In this role, Roman manages the team of major account managers and the corporate and institutional relations.

Roman has an engineering background that combined with his business acumen and his people skills, has given him great development opportunities along his career.

In 2004, after working in companies such as Seur and Daimler Chrysler in Germany, he started working for Air Products through a career development program.

In these 10 years, Roman has covered roles in all key businesses in Southern Europe and with responsibilities in areas such as Technical, Customer Engagement, Marketing and Sales, that have granted him a great perspective of the business needs.

Roman says: “It might sound cheesy, but the PLD has been a real life changer and I believe sharing is in the epicenter of the experience. When I was given the opportunity of helping out in organizing the summit, where we could continue our experience, I didn’t hesitate. I believe sharing experiences is key to growth and I just hope that we in Barcelona provide the perfect atmosphere and make you feel at home.